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    DMV Waiver Card

Under a new program from DMV and ODOT, Oregon Driver Education Center students who successfully complete our ODOT approved teen driver ed program will no have to take their drive test at the DMV.

Private Party Testing FAQ

Will I get marked down if I drive with two feet?

You will be scored on how well you can always maintain control of the vehicle, while this driving habit is not illegal, it may contribute to a failure to maintain control and you will be marked down accordingly.

Will I get marked down if I drive with one hand?

You will be scored on how well you can maintain control of the vehicle, driving with two hands always is the safest method of vehicle control, though, it is not required. However, it may contribute to a failure to maintain control and you will be marked down accordingly.

Are we going to drive on the freeway?

No. For our DMV Drive Test, we do not have you enter the freeway.

What does the Drive Test consist of?

During the drive test, you will demonstrate your driving skills and how you obey traffic rules, signs, and signals. The test includes turning, signaling, backing, changing lanes, controlling speed, road courtesy and general driving ability.

Can I have someone in the car with me while I test?

Per DMV policies, only the applicant and the examiner may be in the vehicle during the test.

Do you have any bi-lingual examiners?

We do have examiners who can provide the test in Spanish. To schedule this please go to this link. We have one examiner who can speak Russian; please call the office to schedule a test in Russian. All other applicants that require translators are encouraged to test with the DMV. Applicants MUST be able to reasonably understand English or keywords like, ďTraffic Signal, Enter & Exit Traffic.

Can I schedule a same day appointment?

Same day appointments may be available for $75.00 provided our Examiner has an opening.

What are the requirements to take the test with ODEC?

You must have a photo ID, anything with your name and picture will suffice, if you are 18 years of age.

You must be at least 16 years of age, have passed the Class C Knowledge Test prior to taking Drive Test. If you have an Oregon Instruction Permit, you have already taken this test.

Your driving privileges are not suspended, revoked, or cancelled and are otherwise eligible to drive. .

If you are 16 or 17 years of age, you must have held an Oregon Instruction Permit for 6 months. 18 and older do not require an Oregon Permit.

Once I pass my Drive Test, am I legal to drive?

No. Once the Drive Test is completed, we will notify the DMV electronically within 24 hours of passing. You may then go to ANY DMV within 2 years of passing Drive Test to get a license issued. When at the DMV you will still be required to finish any paperwork, they request and pay the licensing fee

Can I use my vehicle for the Drive Test?

For insurance and safety purposes we require the Drive Test be taken in a vehicle we provide. You will not be tested on your knowledge of the vehicle, just the rules of the road.

I donít see any availability! How can I schedule my drive test?

We add new availability every Monday. We do not schedule further out than two weeks at any point.

Iím using my phone to access the website and I canít click on anything. Why is the website not working?

Try turning your phone on its side. This will allow you to see the whole page so you can see what appointments we have available.

Can you teach me the route for the drive test?

No, we are not able to provide many details about the drive test. However, there will be no freeway driving and no parallel parking.

What if I need to cancel? Can I reschedule or get my money back?

As long as you cancel with at least 48 hoursí notice, you will be eligible for a free reschedule or a refund. All refunds are subject to a $5.00 processing fee. Cancellations inside of the 48-hour window are not eligible for a reschedule or a refund.

Can I schedule over the phone?

Our office staff are here to help you! However, we prefer that you sign up for your drive test through our website to ensure that the information provided to us is accurate and you have the opportunity to read through all expectations involved with taking a drive test with ODEC.

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