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Private Training

Adult Driver Training FAQ


If I purchase private drive lessons how long before I can get them scheduled? How long is each lesson?

Drive lessons are two hours long. Wait time before first appointment depends on your availability and instructor openings. Expect for it to be 4-6 before first appointment.

Are your vehicles equipped to assist the instructors if my student needs help during a lesson? If so, what special equipment is standard and what is available to accommodate students?

All our vehicles are equipped with a dual control brake and instructor mirrors.

After my student completes private driving lessons is there any certificate or something stating that they took the lessons. Will that help with insurance?

Certificates may be issued upon request. All charges must be paid in full before a certificate of completion will be issued.

Many insurance companies do offer discounts for driver education. Call your insurance agent for specific information about pricing.

My student does have their permit. I am not sure whether the Teen program is better for them or just the private drive lessons. What do you think? What is the big difference in the two?

Students under the age of 18 and in the ODOT-approved program will need to take the both the classroom and BTW prior to licensure unless a parent supervises driving for an additional 50 hours (100 hours total). Teen classes are ODOT approved and geared for 15- to 17-year-olds with a permit. They include classroom instruction as well as drive lessons.

The private lessons are one-on-one driving lessons that can be geared toward individual learning as opposed to a curriculum.

Can I get a refund if Iím still not able to pass my driverís test?

ODEC is in the business of providing a service, namely the service of providing training and knowledge. Knowledge is a non-material commodity that cannot be returned or exchanged; therefore, we cannot refund money for services already provided.

If I need to cancel my lesson, can I reschedule?

If a student cancels a lesson with at least 48 hoursí notice, the lesson can be rescheduled.

If a student cancels a lesson with less than 48-hour notice, has no permit, is a no show, or is otherwise unable to conduct the scheduled lesson then a $75 fee will be assessed. Lessons canceled within 4 hours of the scheduled time are considered no shows. The reschedule fee is $150.00.

Can I get training in a car with a manual transmission?

No, we only conduct drive lessons in our company vehicles which have automatic transmissions.

Do you have bilingual instructors?

Yes. They are available in limited areas upon request only.

I have completed lessons with your instructors and want to take my DMV drive test. Can I use your company car?

We provide DMV Class C drive tests for the state of Oregon. We provide a vehicle for these tests. For more information, please visit our DRIVE TEST PAGEE.

If I buy a drive lesson, can you teach me the DMV drive route?

No. The state does not allow us to take students on the test routes prior to licensing.

Are you an ODOT approved school?

Yes, however the private lessons do not qualify for the ODOT certificate. You must complete the entire teen program and be 15-17 years of age to qualify.

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