DMV Waiver Card

Under a new program from DMV and ODOT, Oregon Driver Education Center students who successfully complete our ODOT approved teen driver ed program will not have to take their drive test at the DMV.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ODOT approved Class?

  • Our ODOT approved program consists of two main components: Driving and Classroom
    • Classroom: Students must successfully complete 30 hours of in-class instruction.
    • Behind-the-wheel (BTW): Students are required to complete 6 hours of drive time with one of our professional ODOT certified instructors.
    • They must also complete an additional 6 hours of observation time (total of 12 hours in-vehicle training).
    • They must successfully complete everything before the student turns 18.

Can students bypass the DMV drive test by taking this course?

  • Students that successfully complete the ODOT approved program are given a certificate that allows them to bypass the DMV test.
  • This only applies to students 15 thru 17 years of age. If you are 18 or older we can provide a drive test for you at one of our offices. Please visit our DRIVE TEST PAGE for specific details

When are you going to post future terms?

  • We cannot open terms up too early due to facility scheduling and instructor scheduling. Below is the schedule that we try to keep for posting each term, though this schedule is subject to change:
  • Winter Term – Posted by the end of October the year before
  • Spring Term – Posted by the end of January
  • Summer Term – Posted by the end of March
  • Fall Term – Posted by the end of June
  • Why does the course take so long? Why does it seem that you have overbooked yourselves?

    • Our course takes 3 months to complete. High schoolers lead fast-paced, busy lives. They often have far more than just their academics about which to worry, whether they’re involved in sports, choir, drama, afterschool clubs, etc.. The urge to finish driver’s education as quickly as possible is understandable, but inconsistent with our philosophy. We educate over a thousand students per year and have been doing so for long enough to know what works. As professionals in this trade, we understand that learning the skill of safe driving is an endeavor that takes consistent effort, patience, and time.
    • If a student enrolled in an English literature course that lasted only two months, would they remember the plot of Moby Dick for the rest of their lives? If they took a month-long seminar in volleyball, would they be qualified to play at a professional level? If they took lessons in acting for only a couple weeks, could they then expect to play the lead in a major movie blockbuster? If they sped through a driver’s education course as quickly as possible, could they be considered safe and confident drivers for the rest of their lives?
      • Driving, like any other learned, lifelong skill, takes extended intention and masterful instruction. Our instructors are often busy because they are the best. Our program takes the amount of time it does because we want our students to succeed. Our classes are not simply another bothersome hurdle on the way to an insurance discount, but rather, a sound investment in a young driver’s lifelong safety behind the wheel. We take 4-6 months to train young drivers for a lifetime of safety. The lives of our students are too important for us to consider anything less.
    • Why can’t my student take their 6th driving lesson before the last day of class?

      • ODOT requires that students have the classroom material that will be covered in each driving lesson presented to them in class before they have that lesson. The classroom material for the 5th driving lesson is presented on the last 2 days of class. Therefore, at least the 5th and 6th driving lesson must occur after the last day of class, though they might end up taking their 3rd and 4th driving lessons after the last day of class as well.
    • How long does my student have to get his/her license after getting the ODOT certificate?

      • Students have 2 years from the last day of classroom time (the completion date printed on the certificate) to bypass the DMV drive test.
    • Do students need to obtain a permit prior to taking the course, or can they take the course without a permit?

      • They must have their permit prior to taking the course.
    • What is the best for my child, a lot of driving practice before they start your teen class or not much drive experience before they start?

      • We recommend enrolling students early in their driving experience.

      My student is over 18 yrs but still attending high school. Why is she not eligible for the discount of $210.00?

      • Since students over the age of 17 are no longer subject to the Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) laws, ODOT does not contribute to the cost of their driver education

      How long does my student have to complete the Teen program? Why is there a deadline?

      • Students have up to 90 days from the first day of class to complete their classroom time and BTW lessons. ODOT requires concurrent instruction between the classroom sessions and BTW lessons.

      If my student does not pass the classroom with 80% or higher and/or the #6 drive test do they still get their Certificate?

      • We provide students with every opportunity to succeed in both the classroom and BTW. Students are given opportunities to do extra credit work and retake exams. Students must pass the final drive assessment and classroom portion in order to get their certificate. They do have the option to retake the assessment for $40 per retake. The student must pass the assessment within 180 days of the first day of class.

      My student missed 2 days in class. What do we do? Do we have to make it up? If they attended the Parent/Student Night with me, do they get hours they attended deducted from the missing classroom hours?

      • In order to qualify for an ODOT certificate, students must attend a minimum of 30 classroom hours.
      • Students may make up time by attending another class and attending the Parent/Stuent night.
      • Time spent at the Parent/Student night does count towards 1.5 hours of the 30 hours of required attendance
      • You must register for a makeup class on our MAKE UP CLASS PAGE.
        • Print the confirmation email, have it signed by the make up instructor and return it directly to the office. Instructions are on the confirmation email.
        • You WILL NOT be allowed to attend a makeup class without this printed email confirmation.

      My student missed a class. How do they make up missed content?

      • Just as with school, they will need to touch base with their instructor and find out what they missed and study their classroom materials accordingly.

      What is the difference between teen classes & private lessons?

      • The private lessons are one-on-one driving lessons.
      • Teen classes are ODOT approved and geared for 15 to 17 year olds with a permit.

      Is my student required to attend all classes?

      • 30 hours minimum classroom time is required
      • They are required to 12 hrs in the vehicle
        • Six 2-hour Drive Lessons - 1 hour driving and 1 hour observing

      Are your classes ODOT approved?

      • Yes. Our teen program is certified by ODOT. Upon successful completion 15-17 year olds will receive a waiver card to bi-pass the drive test at the DMV. All other requirements under the Oregon Graduated Driver Licensing law must be met prior to using the waiver card at the DMV

      Why does a parent have to attend the parent student night?

      • We offer useful information about new driving laws and how to coach a new driver. Also, we want parents to be aware of all of the requirements and expectations of this class. This is an ODOT approved course and very specific state rules must be followed to successfully complete.

      Are there insurance benefits for taking this course?

      • Many insurance companies do offer discounts for teens successfully completing this course. Call your insurance agent for specific information about pricing.

      Is my child required to take driver education?

      • Under the Oregon Graduated Licensing Laws for 15-17 year olds the state of Oregon requires:
        • that teens must provide parental verification of at least 50 hours of driving experience, supervised by a licensed driver who is at least 21 years old and has held a driver license for at least three years;
        • and completion of an ODOT-approved driver safety course or completion of an additional 50 hours of supervised driving.
      • Driver education is about keeping everyone safe. We strongly recommend an ODOT approved driver education course. We want your child to know all Oregon laws and have a full understanding of all safe driving practices.

      What is Oregon GDL?

      • Oregon Graduated Driver Licensing is a system for phasing in on-road driving; allowing 15-17 year olds to get their initial experience under conditions that involve lower risk. It utilizes 3 stages:
        • They begin with a supervised learner's period lasting a minimum of 6 months, 50 hours of practice and an approved driver education program or additional 50 hours of practice.
        • The second phase is provisional licensing that allows unsupervised driving but only in low risk situations.
        • The third and final stage finally allows them to move into full unrestricted driving privileges. This occurs only after all of the requirements in the first two stages are met.
      • Details can be found on the Oregon DMV Teen Driving page.
      FAQ - Behind the Wheel Drive Lessons

    All Behind the wheel sessions are scheduled outside of class time. You will receive login credentials on or around the first day of class. If your class fills you have 48 hours to complete enrollment with payment and/or permit to reserve your spot.

    ODOT Required Parent/Student Orientation:

    In an effort to ensure the success of your student in our ODOT approved driver education program, please plan to attend the required parent/student orientation. Expectations, objectives, and procedures will be reviewed. It is also a time to gain clarification regarding new laws and driving techniques. If you are unable to attend your students scheduled parent orientation, you may choose one that will better fit your schedule.

    While the driving portion of our ODOT approved program runs concurrently with the scheduled class time, all drives and observations are conducted outside of class and may be at a different location. Behind-the-Wheel lessons are set in 6 two hour blocks.

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