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ODOT Certificate

The Oregon Driver Education Center issues certificates of completion to students who successfully complete the course. These certificates bear the ODOT seal of completion and can be used for potential insurance discounts and verification at time of licensure.

In order to be eligible to receive a certificate, your student must pass both the classroom portion of the training and the BTW portion with a minimum score of 80%. Additionally, parents are required to attend a parent orientation. All fees must be paid current and all ODOT requirements must be met before ODEC will issue a certificate of completion.

ODOT stipulates that, “students may not complete the course in fewer than 35 days”. This means that either the last day of class or the last driving lesson may not occur any sooner than 35 days from the first day of class.

Students cannot obtain their driver's license before course completion.

Our program cards provide the waiver opportunity for Oregon teens that complete our approved courses.  THEY DO NOT do away with the other requirements for licensure.  A student needs:

  1. To complete at least 6 months with the learner’s permit in their possession
  2. Complete 50 hours of supervised driving with a parent of other responsible adult
  3. Pass the “Safe Practices” written test
  4. Not had any driver improvement violations that would remove them from the normal course of licensure.


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